Message from Managing Director


Proprietor, Legacy Trade International.

We proudly and successfully passed three years in the industry with commitment of professionalism and accuracy. We envisaged our organization as a well-equipped manufacturer of the 21st century applying discreet principles of leadership and responsiveness in order to play in global sitting with the aim to become a key partner to the garment industry worldwide. Customers are our strength. We are committed to customer’s satisfaction by maintaining superior quality delivery and support. This has been possible through our persistent uest for product improvement, keeping up with social compliance and adherence to business ethics

We, in Concept, are a family. After achieving technical soundness, we looked to the well-being of our employees and environment. We made it a custom to nurture in them a sense of ride and civility motivated them to attain proficiency at work and develop pragmatism in dealing affairs of life as a whole. We are looking forward to establishing long term co-operation & relationship.